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Related article: Date : Wed, August 21, 2010 11 33 00th 0100 From: Tom u003camias09 FastMail. fm u003e Subject : Brief Encounters Chapter 57 Brief Encounters - The saga continues... ! eekkk First, the obligatory warnings and disclaimers - not to read into the fund, if unresponsive naughty sexual exploits of a young teenage student. the characters are fictional and not shown explicitly on the basis of a person... although, if you suddenly s in the center of the story Just think how happy she This is supposedly a work of fiction, albeit with some memories of my days of s own school and some of the most unspoken fantasies that I n and my "best friends " admitted only rarely, when we were playing in this very special, trust, and it was certainly innocent. Now it's hard to imagine what it was, no Internet immediately to help conjure up fantasies of the images, webcams, or stories based entertain. Our sex life was completely dependent on a very intimate iMagination and therefore able to create our own fantasies are often based Friends and what we saw happening under the table or in the locker room ! I am no apologies for the fact that underwear prominently in this story, because quite honestly it did, was very visible, and n is a tangible link that has developed between us and our fascination with sex! It is important to remember that apart from very rare sexual extroverts, never dared to mention n is the problem because they are easy to install, and no one understood he what is happening to us anyway! could be a story about the age of discovery - usually in bed - on If you share a room with a brother, then a discovery to be in the bad \\ \\ n into account for the ! time of writing the story itself is not ready yet, and the n better or worse, has now become a work of some length, but I'm n regularly for updates, and there is more than enough to keep written pages works! Nifty require a text file so that if the formAtting or punctuation go turn the tide, now I know why ! And while the script several reasons that had the names of characters have to change, so I hope of continuity, are now correctly Finally, I hope you enjoy and please please leave me a comment o suggestions, and for some of you, that could run a memory or two three, if you're lucky... I was intrigued to know Tom E -mail : amias09 FastMail. fm ******************************************* ******************************************* ***** ** ** **** enjoy, I hope! ! More to follow probably a couple of weeks is like the party season with us n Watch this space : =) Chapter 57 - As a rat, a Art Lolita Bbs fucking drain How to be always in the art of life seemed unnecessary complications. I recently had to do that faster and more physical demand for Art Lolita Bbs his sexual adventures, but unfortunately notof which helped to permanently weakened by his incessant masturbation. He had noticed , which was this weekend just to prove the point. The evening was undoubtedly stressful events, even the shadow of the recent days of fun, it means that along with the spiritual hype that art had now began to burn and needed to rest a minor. Ian both Nigel had noticed that he seemed to be tired and had taken a few minutes for him to meet before they could go out to all the ship to return home. was a slow ride dotted with well-chosen expletives over the n is not because he was very sensitive to any of his briefs and press balls were chipped badly in the heavy fabric of his pants. unable to to leave it alone, rather than trying to pass the cure the most congested situation was until it was obviously quite full now painfully erect. Much of Ian entertainment, midway back type are reported in nor no doubt that his concern was complete because felt that something was wrong from its very sensitive ass With much laughter Nigel was convinced to bend in the middle visible from the street if there was a sperm wet spot on the seat Ian his jeans. There After most of the way Ian had walked with them to other changes the way home to come. But before the unexpectedly Insert arm around them said something I did not understand at all as before they saw how emotional it was rushed. "It seems he wanted to thank us for the game with him. " Says Nigel. " WOT, and the butt ? " Art chuckled. " No, you fuckin 'what I mean. " Nigel looked kind of " how to be mates and stuff. I do not think that otherwise, you really have? " " Course I know WOT said," Art said, "and no, I do not think n ha. HHMM.. not as you know who can say things. " " What do you think the and sex and how he feels " pulled Nigel" And that's all that emotion that can not round our heads innit ? " " Yer, exactly. " Said Art, now in the grip of their own confused emotions. " Well, I ' spose us. Do you not care ? " " No, he's lovely. " Type of smile. "And he has a good little willie " "Whether you fuckin ' serious," Nigel said, "I spose, it must be hard, if I have no one to ask. I think Martin ? other is not true, " " I ' spose, and is capable of asking someone is so fucked up innit important, " kind of taking a very sober tone : " I mean, you will always struck me straw thought I would go to all the hairy hands. " " And do you have? "Asked Nigel to keep a straight face. " No, but my bum leaks ! " " You fucking idiot ! "Nigel laughed. " I am. "Art said, accompanied by one of his winning smiles. ", art, please do not... " " WOT? "Art asked innocently, knowing how strongly I felt about to each other. " You fucking know WOT. "Nigel put his arm around her shoulder, she s walked in silence. Art Lolita Bbs Several minutes later and thought they were painful walk through the streets of suburban road in the direction of art and essay. " It seems like every fucking movement. Cried watching the road type n As we rounded the last corner. " Cor, Nigeria, that happiness is not true. " " Are you sure? How do you know that? " " Well, the fucking car not here? " " ' Spose not. You're so fucking smart, right? "" " Fuck you ! " Smiled the art. "I had a bath before returning. " " is certainly a need that fucking faint odor and leakage yer ! " kind of response is not laughed. The way Nigel knew return. " WOT is it?" Infectious laugh, as soon as Nigel had s good. "I thought," said Art long breath, " if you had to see who would cum n to burn twice my lan, then..... We.. We also have left a vague trace whore cum ' up here! " " Fuckin ' cum bum, what a bitch means is that you think, "said Nigel, before laughter. Still laugh and looked completely destroyed and follow each other n finally came to the garden to the front door. " you come home ? " Asked how the letter to catch some string that the key was tied. " Just for a minute, I could do with a glass of water or something, is ot take a long time. It was fun 'n' yet. " Art was to see Nigel leaned against the wall. "I do not know Ian, what do you mean ? " " No, and I was not quite sure meself ! " Nigel shook his head. "Soon but not corruption, which he loved, the second time up yer bum. " " Hmm.. so I have ! " Type smiled when she opened the door and let out a sigh of relief when he left the cold aisle. continued Nigel could not help it, he was at the bottom so ask if hand. " The truth is that " Art, continued: "I feel a little tramp rare property type, , but a bit like fingers too ! " "or the jump rope ! not know I was n shit you like a rat a drainpipe ! "Nigel smiled: " But I like to escape! " " Well, you know, it'll be your turn, you can fill out directly to me up! They have " art supply confirmed with another of his smiles. " But, We will ensure that long at first to work there! " What was taken out each other? Nigel could not Work It Out, which had fallen under the spell of that smile, as if years meet at school secondary and inseparable ever since. " Do you mean that? " " Of course you silly fool! " Art said " I do not think anyone gives bum n you know? " " No, "I do not spose. "With Nigel grabbed him and hugged him briefly n before realizing their raw emotions began to show. " Oh fucking hell wot am I doing here ? "Never show very much in the way of emotion, Nigel, was a singular event. Again, there was a strange sensation stopped afraid him as part of panic, which is part and partial blindness. Whatever was always there, do not know, but knowing that there are opportunitiesif you only wanted path understand and that was one of them. " Nige, okay. I will too. " Explosion of a kind of honesty This surprised them both. ", right? " Nigel sighed. He blinked. Growing up was too complicated. " Yer. We should try to talk? " " Oh, shit. Right? " Nigel looked at him. " I do not know if I can. " " Yer, we must. It's the way we want, innit feel. But not now. " Another thing Nigel intense emotion of the series is ingestion kind surprised hard to clear his throat and his voice slightly hoarse suggested that maybe make a cup of tea. Neither saw the other to when moving around the kitchen and fall of art and tried to find the necessary utensils n , which also gave them the opportunity to regain his composure. "Tea ? Heard tea? " Back the art of Nigel and froze with an expression of horror. "Damn it ! Is a father... I think the place is empty Oh shit, d' you think you've heard anything? " N "I bitch " no hope ", whispered Nigel. " We'll soon find out! " " Where are you ? " Ted 's voice grew stronger as he went into the hall " Kitchen. Nigeria is also here. We thought everyone was out. "Said Art nervous. " No, only his mother and Simon, who took his car to see o something or the other, he was bored bananas are not going to be really able to out. "The steps grew louder as he approached the door. " I do not think I had heard. "Nigel whispered quickly. " You are hiding behind the table so you will not see! " " escaped me ! You've been sleeping in the garden, " Ted said, smiling as he entered the kitchen. " Poor boy, do not think they will do it again in a Art Lolita Bbs hurry! " " Hello Mr. W. , "Said Nigel sound as cheerful as he could, he was try a shield to close inspection. " Nigel, you have not seen for a few days, so what you been up \\ \\ n recently? " " school and all that, of course. "Nigel smiled, as if melted butter in the n mouth. Dodge a detailed response, studied and drew compared to the marketELT. Moved " I tea Mr. W? " " Yeah, good idea, something better than what is art. " " Creep" n his erection through the type of table in a dark side when he began to warm Nigel of the pot, if necessary they never actually tamer of the couple. They both knew that it would prefer to try to list, which is finally explain what he had done all afternoon. that would be the question you were afraid that if it could be related to the old method of power and the status of your clothes, there is no plausible answer to. " So what we have done two in the afternoon, then?" Said Ted smiling benevolently. Sitting in the chair in the kitchen looked at the art direction and what s could see that her behavior, which feared the worst, but he knew he maintain a quiet façade. "There is nothing wrong with hope! " " Dad, can we do? " Art said, smiling, fingers, legs, and cross everything else. No. "They were good guys, Nige " " sometimes. " High response Ted ResponseMeters was something he knew, type too good! Not only that, he was vaguely aware that smells funny from the other side of the table, but was not sure. Nigel does everything possible to protect them from the topic of parents have the art curiosity I decided to make polite conversation and inadvertently skipped at exactly the wrong thing. "Cor Mr. W, that sounded serious, I mean, WOT and therefore Simon, HHMM, so then you made? " it was too late. Art tried to communicate with him under the table to bring up the subject , but desperately Ted promiscuity in public is concerned, there already decided that he would have the opportunity to respond to Nigel No question. Then with a little luck could see exactly what they were to stand for truth. " Oh, that was ! It's up guys, eh Art? " He smiled. "Art, that is, him or shall I? " ".. oh... oh Uumm... what shii dad. " Swallowed art, with the hope that no looks like , and how he felt ashamed. He did! You are wondering what he seen Nigel had begun among them, not knowing what s the next versions. If this issue had made ​​a big mistake ? Species probably looked very red. "Am I the tea, then? " Said Nigel tries to act normally. Art Lolita Bbs " Yes Nigel, what first. Kind is to get the milk, put the fridge. " Ted see also a watch. No doubt, nature was still looking more disheveled than usual and the evaluation of the silhouette by the light of the refrigerator produces the bulge in his jeans was in a permanent state of excitement. There was absolutely no doubt that Ted has any emotion to seek sexual life style. On the contrary, like his father was worried that the child was not doing what is not, he would not. From what little is gave him the information of art, the eternal semen stains, also collected n moans and cries at night, no doubt a chronic type masturbator. However, admission had been before he had both and Nigel openly masturbated in an afternoon in the park, which really Ted began to worry. Frankly, it does not care about art habits at home, or even what Nigel did have children at this age, children that is easy to get along! No, was the real possibility that they will receive dragged and dumb enough to do something in public, captured by n , which scares him. The fact that Nigel, who seemed somehow a n was more subtle than with the art of the late Ted did what s worth an attempt to investigate the matter, rather than having the kids can make reported. " Are you okay son? " Ted smiled and recalled that it was at that time Age. "You look a little too much and her hair is a mess, you have something stuck in it. My word, what you two do that the afternoon? " " Uumm.. " a kind of desperate in his brain for an answer. Let the word , masturbating, showing in big letters, appeared before his eyes, his brain as his face was white. " Oh damn! " N said Nigel, as pouring a cup of tea that was mysteriously demolished. "Sorry, Mr. W, my hand has slipped into a hot cup. " "Do not worry, I'll get a towel. " Undisturbed Ted turned to the sink. "There are cookies somewhere, well, it depends. " "Lucky that do not drip on you right? " Said Nigel efforts of art, maintain a semblance of normality n " Yer. Very. " kind of raised his eyebrows and quickly wiped the sweat that out of his forehead. Two minutes later with a clean table and half a packet of ginger nuts re- installed with cups of tea. " And so, Mr. Simon W WOT had happened then? " Nigel asked anxiously, hoping to The question may divert the conversation away from them. " Well, Simon was very embarrassing and it was.. and" shuffled type sticky floor noisily in the chair, sewing his rough jeans s, still wet with sperm from Ian gently rub in no uncles. He stared at his glass. Ted looked at himHe waited until n ready to go. ".. And I'm sure you've heard about masturbation as art has, I hope His father has told you. " Ted had to guess, one way or otherwise might be something to be like a sensational , it certainly was ! The mere mention of the word had Nigel choking on the two cakes I had tried things in the mouth. Cracker crumbs flew around the table. The art movement turned purple just stared at the table. " Are you okay? " Said Ted, but surprised by the backlash. " Yer, he means. " Nigel replied hoarsely, "teacher.. umm yer I, I". " Yes, I'm sure me," Ted was a split second, not to resist in the area of ​​ obvious joke, Nigel had placed unknowingly for him "for the have meaning. "N front Nigel quickly blushed, unable to look, he turned to Ted nature is still just see the same look embarrassing. " And let's face it, Art Lolita Bbs we all know, the mechanics are not going to do? " Ted blithel madeand the seemingly unperturbed by the subject. Both children on the wall in their chairs. "Art, after our lectures are short and Simon the problem, agree not to in this budget that we no longer regard masturbation as something dirty going to do? Is only part of the growth process. " " Yer, " nodded his flushed face, and looked quickly to the art could not in the direction of Nigel, n believe my ears," is Nige 's true what they do. " Nigel swallowed one and pushed his cup. "Nigel, I think I should ask if you ever talk about things like the father of s that ? " Asked Ted, "I guess some parents do not let the matter n , but I think there is a child to start an honest, that is sex. " " no. " Nigel stammered, having advanced to a wonderfully deep tone magenta, "I father, yer kidding.... I do not mean... I do not think that... not once had a pale... " absolute conclusion with their sex lives Nigel parents, art offset could not simply hold and let out a total surprise. "WOT had n straw not? " Nigel closed his eyes, for some reason I had said. Unfortunately, it was in the vicinity of the true , his father was always interested in sex, and found demonstrates his masculinity as a means of descent, not fun. " Just type, do not be silly. This Nigel, who have never spoken on the n something? " Ted was really surprised. " So you know all? " " No, it is not.. I wish I never would. " Looking unhappy, he just shook his head from his s. "I have a little bit about them from other children and art, that WOT said, for a few years ago when he thought he knew something about it. " N "I think every parent should try on to explain a little. "said Ted. " It is not my place, but.. Well, I mean, if you Art Lolita Bbs can help explain os something you have to ask without fear. " " Yer, thank you. " The only what he was shaking his head around Nigel was the inevitable question of homosexuality. " Anyway, " Ted said, "I promised to tell you Simon andI recognize that everything is really connected, I mean, to understand what s all a bit. " " Yer, I see. "Nigel nodded. " I think. " " Let's be honest, who is obviously confused as to masturbate so there is no need for. "Ted smiled, " The first is that anyone, man or women have or masturbate. " Nigel took a deep breath and looked at art. Nor was it expected as open as this and we like it or not desperate moves. " Simon, I had heard through of his friends and masturbate to know a little on I decided to try it, " Ted looked in Art", with or without aid incentives do not know. But still pretty nice Simon s call, amount of regular exercise, he discovered that he finally ejaculation. " " Yer, I was so proud! " Art said, smiling at his father. Ted blinked, it was that smile. Nigel sat with her mouth open open. It seemed incredible that way, this sort of thing to discuss n of his younger brother to open hisFather. " Well, anyway," said Ted meets " the saddest thing is that poor Simon was out of this is that too.. " done kind excited in " Nige butt, I never heard of him and had masturbated willie that was bleeding a lot! " " FFFFFF iiiddle... " said Nigel leaned back in his chair. " Well, he told me, and I did not know WOT to do this," said Art more excited, " so me and dad have rubbed ointment to make your willie the best that even had the school nurse ! for this reason you can not go father too innit ? " " so clearly because I have to say ! But basically, yes, I was very No silly. "said Ted. " Since he is and I have a call and now, although it is n is a bit embarrassing, he understands what is at stake. And since we have all I know about it and have to a mature, I think, speak all have benefited, you mean that guy? " Yer. There was " a kind of nodded, feeling happy to participate in the adult level the conversation. " Hey, Dad, we remember a goodlaugh when we went back my ​​mattress, right? " " See what I mean Nigel, " Ted said with a smile, " for art, I admit, and that s only shows that is not healthy, but only a part of life. Certainly his life! " " fuuu.. "Nigel, he stopped swearing. That was amazing, especially knowing the condition of your own mattress ! N " You see, we are now able to discuss these things, despite that all know, can be embarrassing at the time. Right of art? " " Art Lolita Bbs Yer. "Answers to a way to know a little shy, who had been sent connected and the subject was exposed. It was a sinking feeling in the his belly. Nigel looked art and lips slightly, not sure that n trapped also sent. Ted poured another cup of tea. "However, Nigel understand, please do not misunderstand me, This situation ends to develop, and I want all to know s what you get up unless there.. a problem. " " A problem ? "Said Nigel somewhat slow detection could be wrong, has tHut is the story of Simon had a moral? He looked at his art, which simply shrugged shoulders in despair. " Yes," said Ted slowly. "I hope you will remember that recently came home from art, Search is an utter ruin, even more than now, in fact, y.... N in the time we had a little talk, do not is " kind nodded and concentrated with a resigned look on the table. Not escape it. ", and admitted that there are two really masturbates in the park. " " Oh, shit ! " Nigel said quietly. "You can imagine, I was not satisfied. " Ted said sternly. " And here are two looking back to the art and smell, as if the cat in heat !" He grimaced kind. " I want you both understand that I really do not care what you're at it private or even to one another. But if you have two public n again," he paused, breathed deeply and closed with a feeling little his voice, "and I do not know... They both end up being trapped n correctional and end in the blood or atmething. " Ted waited only your fingers grasping the cup, after what seemed an age of art, finally replied, his voice cracking. " Dad,... that.. No dad, not being honest.. I'm not lying.. " The input voltage n the top of the previous week mental and physical activities, it is the last straw. Art is not really much more grip, gushing tears in his eyes. " is true, no, nothing is done in public! " Nigel said weakly. The art was strongly in support n moral. " We only have... " " We have what? " Ted said firmly. " We.. We were.. oh the lawn ! We have a straw... my uncle old shed in the credits, "said Nigel, his voice far paralyzed. " What? In a garden shed blood? "Ted raised his eyebrows in surprise. " Yer, so... that's the truth. "Nigel Ted was right in the considered n face. " Mr. W, who do not anywhere, someone we can see, we have kind? Do not lie.. you are very pretty. "" " He's right. " Muttered type of positionShow in arms on the table. N " You're too pretty. " "the real way? Is to please, look at my face and say it. " Relieved Ted had to have a confirmation. "The truth. Please. " " Honest". Art saw the tears started running down her cheeks. "We.. Father is not the truth... and you can ask for Ian because I was doing s with us! " " Who the hell is Ian? " Ted asked, surprised. " is in my class," said a cold type, " do not know much about masturbation n " "is true. " Muttered Nigel silence. They looked at each other and after a few moments, suddenly gave Ted a short laugh. "What about Dad?" Asked a little surprised. He lifted his head and sniffed. "WOT is funny? " " Well, it's surreal, right? " Ted looked at his face with tears Arts ' blinked: "Here I am sick with worry that you have been exposed to two n in public and being arrested or something, and all the time you've been n a Art Lolita Bbs teaching children to masturbate in a garden shed ! " Nigel visibly relaxed. " It is true, pRoud it, but it's true. " ", art, now you must know that your mother knows nothing about any of this, the firms in the parks. "Said Ted see the art, " All he knows masturbation is what looks like dirty clothes from you and now what Simon has done a itself. " " I did not tell the last time? "Asked type sound surprised. " No, and I will not say that this time too, you know very well, is nowhere as tolerant as me, and then I can not imagine what would \\ \\ n if ever discovered. " ", probably kill me ! "Replied the guy like a giant. Tired feet up, his erection even more prominent, walked around the table with his father s, threw her arms around his neck. \\ \\ N " But what have you done? You have no odor and a half! "I blinked Ted several times and hugged each other for a few seconds so the tears cheek art. Nigel stared in silence, was the bond between father and son, since he never imagine , much less seen. the sad reality was that he could not rememberthe last time his own father had given him. She wiped her eyes with the back of the hand of his s. seemed that art was going to say something, but nothing came, and Ted was that took the lead, his voice soft. " Just take these disgusting things for the washer, bathroom and rest for half an hour, you look bloody awful. You have about an hour before they return. " as art became Ted shuffled to the stairs of Nigel, was his faces is evident that it had happened, was affected. "sorry, that Nigel had to do," Ted blinked again and finally saw a Nigel full in the face "but I hope I can see why. " sniff Nigel and rubbed his eyes. "Yer, I know, I know.. uum.. do I...... Want " "What is that? " Ted pulled his chair. " I can help ? " Nigel took a deep breath, "I... I.. Oh, shit, I wish my father is not.. fuck all. I want someone with me I can to speak. " " Oh, my God! "Ted blinked, both boys looked as if it wereas relevant as ever mixed others. "Oh, Nigel, sorry it's really that Art Lolita Bbs bad? " nod, and hid his face in the hands of Nigel was swallowed by the the same wave of emotion overcame an art. "is that part of why you're so close and art," said Ted. , Was asked what if all I could do to help ", I mean, to talk to him instead of his father. " N igel nodded, wiping eyes again. "Yer, and if he does not know he is knowledge. All you need is what innit wonder I love him, obviously innit ? " Now, it was the turn of Ted, eyes with the back of his hand clean. "Yes, do n. But what we do with you? " N put one hand on the shoulder and Nigel felt the boy jumped, there was already for a long time had experienced a paternal hand. " As I said, if I may ask, everything, everything. We are always one secret if you want, even the dignity of art. Help? " " Yer , please. "Nigel looked at him with big eyes and the tears still in her n cheeks. "They will not say that art, but... I always remember.. " " About what? " " is gay? "He sighed and looked down. At last he had collected the courage to ask what s worrying for some time ago. " What is Art Lolita Bbs gay? "Ted said, he immediately saw the child s fears. " Well, yer. Like all our children together and masturbate him? " He saw Ted s hope for some pearls of wisdom. " I have all the time.. you know that now, right? " " Yes, I had rather thought that surely know is art! " He smiled. " You I would really like to have a sort of father 's father right? " " Yer. "Nigel has a watery smile," like WOT ? " " Maybe, but.. Well, that's not possible is it? But I am as honest with you as you would with art, how's that ? " " Please. I like that. "Nigel is the back of his hand rubbing his face over again. " Well, the truth is, "Ted took a deep breath, " when I was your age, I was a \\ \\ n bit like the art! " " WOT, you! "Nigel was clearly surprised, sat upright in his chair. " Wot! Doing Itlike him all the time? " " Yes.. and I had friends, a bit like you. "Ted flushed and dried eyes. " Nigel, you have no idea what kind of reminds me of when the age! Please, Nigel, never tell, he knows he knows. So please to say no, but I'll tell you when the time is right. " " promise, "said Nigel, your brain trying to put extra time together," he said.. that is why you are not crazy or is not with us innit together? " " Yes, I understand exactly what " Ted smiled " through But I was so worried after the park. I could not let that occurs with the idea of doing something that probably trapped. " " I know that WOT to say. "Said Nigel wiped her eyes again. " Look, a couple of guys and maybe your father, some will be interested in at all. Everyone is different, do not bet, you can see the child with in school? " " YER is true, some children do not seem to touch at school, I can say! " with sHelp, Nigel first blushed and then laughed. "It seems that Simon is 's in it, then? " " is they takeYes, I will take the two for me, a good pair of the son of a bitch ! " laughed Ted. " But really to answer your issue. I think to do this, of course, to treat his friends n to do. That is, all change together gym and all that, there is only one way of trying to see what they look proper pants somebody'd n and this leads naturally to the fun part. "n " this is true, I'm not thinking that way. "Nigel scratched the place ripening on the chin. " I'm sure most children, when they ask honestly, at some point, when n is homosexual, it is normal that when things no other children, is not it? " " I ' spose. "Said Nigel. Food for thought. " Anyway, "was Ted," I bet that after a year or two, get two only be, but this time he has discovered that good friends have girls. Then in a Art Lolita Bbs panic, because I'm a little scared hass is running around and trying to do half the pregnant girl in town! " " We're not done with the girls. "Nigel smiled wistfully and somewhat innocent qualified to comment. " We know nothing about it! " " You, I promise. "Ted stood up. " Now I am more than tired n as art, let us out, before the return of Simon. " " right. "Nigel gradually rises very clumsy touches on our Ted came to the shoulder, he murmured. " Thank you. " not intentionally in the face as Ted called Nigel went to the door ", Nigel, I remember really understand, you can talk to me at any time... and please refer to the type that is easy to do during the period. " " I know that, " objected Nigel, blinked, " and I will. "Following Chapter 58
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